Sweat Schedule: Jan. 12

With the dark days and cold weather, my motivation is pretty low at the moment. I did make it out for a run last Wednesday though, and it happened to be one of this winter’s coldest days so far (-18, but more like -26 with the wind chill). Am I glad I ran? Yes. Did I enjoy it? Not really. I love running but lately it’s just been too damn cold. Here’s hoping for warmer days.

Monday – Core + Cardio at Flirty Girl Fitness
Tuesday – Spin + Abs at Barreworks
Wednesday – Either a run with the Queen West Run Club (weather pending) or Lean Machine at Flirty Girl Fitness
Thursday – NTC
Friday – Rest day
Saturday – Barreworks Mixed Level with Paulina. On Saturday afternoon, Barreworks is hosting an Open House at their Queen West location where there will be free classes and treats! You can sign up online at barreworks.ca.
Sunday – Yoga


4-Ingredient Power Waffles

4 Ingredient Waffles

1 cup oats
1 cup egg whites
1 cup cottage cheese
1 Tbsp vanilla extract

Before you question the cottage cheese in this recipe, hear me out. I’m not a fan of cottage cheese on its own but hidden in these waffles, you’d never be able to tell! Bonus: It’s a great fat-burning food.

Simply combine the ingredients in a blender or food processor until mixture is smooth. Spray oil on your waffle maker to prevent the batter from sticking and pour batter in. Cook for 4-5 minutes and then serve with pure maple syrup and fresh fruit.

Sweat Schedule: Jan. 5

January has arrived with a big gust of cold, frigid wind. As much as I’d like to stick to indoor workouts this week, Wednesday marks the first run of the new year with the Nike Queen West Run Club (it also looks to be the coldest day of the week with a projected temp of -26 with wind chill!) and I just don’t want to miss out.

Monday – Bootcamp at Flirty Girl Fitness
Tuesday – Rest day
Wednesday – 6 km run with Nike Queen West Run Club
Thursday – NTC
Friday – Spin + Abs at Barreworks
Saturday – Run or rest (weather pending!)
Sunday – Yoga

Sweat Schedule: Dec. 29

After a week of Xmas treats and visiting with friends and family it’s time to get back into a routine. I’ve also officially registered for my second half-marathon. I’ll be running the Scotiabank Ottawa Half Marathon on May 24th! This time I plan to do a solid 12 weeks of training (as opposed to the compressed 7 weeks of training I did to prep for San Fran) so I’ll start my run schedule in mid February. Until then it’s a mix of running, strength training and yoga. Here’s how I plan to ease back into it this week:

  • Monday – Rest day
  • Tuesday – Run 4 km
  • Wednesday – Bootcamp at Flirty Girl Fitness
  • Thursday – Happy New Year!
  • Friday – bAAArre at Barreworks
  • Saturday – Run 6 km
  • Sunday – Yoga

Sweat Schedule: Dec. 15

Christmas is less than two weeks away, meaning holiday shopping, baking, parties, etc are in full swing. I didn’t start holiday shopping as early as I would have liked this year so I still have a lot of people to cross off my list. That, and wrapping up things at work before Christmas vacation, are my priorities this week. Busy! Luckily, research published earlier this year in Human Resource Management found that regular exercise is key to balancing work and home life. (Read more on that here.) So I still plan to squeeze in some workouts this week. Here’s the plan:

Sweat Schedule: Dec. 8

Barre3, which just launched its first Canadian studio, is offering free classes this week to celebrate their grand opening in Toronto. (Check out my post on besthealthmag.ca for details on how you can sign up.) I’m hoping to take advantage of as many classes as I can so this week’s schedule is a little busy.

  • Monday – barre3 + Nike #ChooseYourWinter (this Monday is the last workout before the holidays; meet at 548 Richmond Street West at 6:15 p.m. if you’d like to join in)
  • Tuesday – Run 6 km
  • Wednesday – barre3
  • Thursday – NTC + barre3
  • Friday – barre3 + Spin60 at Barreworks
  • Saturday – Rest day
  • Sunday – Run 5 km

Sweat Schedule: Dec. 1

To keep myself on track with fitness goals, I like to schedule my workouts for the week in advance. This gives me a big picture look at what my week looks like, and if I plan and treat a workout like any other appointment, I’m less likely to skip it. Here’s what’s on the schedule for this week:

  • Monday – Nike #ChooseYourWinter outdoor run and NTC workout
  • Tuesday – Rest day
  • Wednesday – Run 6 km
  • Thursday – NTC workout with Nike Master Trainer Eva Redpath; barre3 class (I’m attending a media class in advance of this studio’s Dec. 8 grand opening in Toronto)
  • Friday – Rest day
  • Saturday – Spin60 at Barreworks
  • Sunday – Run 5 km

Race Recap: San Francisco Nike Women’s Half Marathon (10/19/2014)

photo 1-1

Before I recap the race, let me explain what it took to get here. Having a solid running group was integral to my training. I really only started seriously running two years ago when I did my first 5K (GoodLife) followed by my first 10K (Sporting Life 10K) in the spring of 2013. Leading up to San Fran, I had a good fitness background but in the months prior I had been running only occasionally and focusing heavily on bootcamp classes in order to tone up for my August 16th wedding. After an amazing wedding and honeymoon it wasn’t until my first day back that I got the official invite from Nike Canada to run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco, which benefits The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). It meant I had just eight weeks to train (Yikes!) but there was no way I could pass up the opportunity! Here’s a look at what my training schedule looked like.


This amazing fridge magnet was a gift from Nike’s Danielle Gibson and it served as a daily reminder of what I was working toward. (Plus, my workout regimen looked pretty badass on the fridge when friends came over to visit.)

Anyways, as I said, having a group to run with was crucial for me, especially once I started to log longer distances. I trained weekly (every Wednesday evening) with the Queen West Nike Run Club. I was also part of a rad group of women who were also training for San Fran (Sasha Exeter of SoSasha.com, Justine Iaboni of JetSetJustine.com and Karen Kwan of HealthandSwellness.com). Danielle from Nike arranged regular meet-ups for us to train together, which included an NTC class with Nike Master Trainer Eva Redpath, speed work with the Toronto Eaton Centre Nike Run Club, hill training and hydration tips at Greenhouse Juices and an incredible long run in Central Park where we got expert tips from Coach Bennett, a NYC Nike Running Coach. Two weeks out from San Francisco I logged my longest run (ever!): 20.1 km. I was feeling ready and well prepared thanks to help from my #WeRunSF crew and Nike Canada. Which brings me to race day…

photo 2-1

I woke up at 5:00 a.m. and had a Vega Protein bar and a banana for breakfast before meeting the rest of my running crew in the lobby of the Clift Hotel where we were staying. From there it was a short walk to the starting line for our 6:30 a.m. race start time. It was still dark and a bit cool but I neglected to bring a sweater because I knew I would warm up quickly once I started running. I had tried to study the route map a little so that I would know roughly when to expect water stations and to set out a plan of when I would take my Vega gels. Once I was off and running the adrenaline set in and I was ready to settle into a comfortable pace and enjoy the sights of the city! I felt good starting off and my legs loosened up after a few kilometers – also around the time the sun came up. The cheer stations along the course helped with motivation. My favourite was this gospel choir at the bottom of the first hill.


The course looped through Golden Gate Park, which was a great route. I got to take in the beautiful scenery and it helped to know I was running toward the Golden Gate Bridge. Then, at the 10 mile mark there was a monster hill. I attempted to run it but in hindsight I think I could have walked it at roughly the same speed. The last three miles were painful for me. Despite my best efforts to keep hydrated and consume electrolytes, my feet were cramping. My left knee was also paining me due not to running up the hills, but actually from the impact going downhill. The last mile I ran my fastest and was overcome with emotion as I crossed the finish line. I was so proud of myself and after collecting my Tiffany finisher necklace I just wanted to find my husband in the crowd and eat something!


My official finish time was 2:26:59 and I placed in the top half of my age group (2201/5209). I was hoping to finish in under 2:30:00 so I’m pleased with my results. This time I was mostly concerned with conquering those hills, so next time I’ll work on my speed. A total of 25,000 incredible women (and a few men!) ran San Fran, and for 8,000 of us, it was our first half marathon. A big congratulations to everyone!



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