Sweat Schedule: Jan. 12

With the dark days and cold weather, my motivation is pretty low at the moment. I did make it out for a run last Wednesday though, and it happened to be one of this winter’s coldest days so far (-18, but more like -26 with the wind chill). Am I glad I ran? Yes. Did I enjoy it? Not really. I love running but lately it’s just been too damn cold. Here’s hoping for warmer days.

Monday – Core + Cardio at Flirty Girl Fitness
Tuesday – Spin + Abs at Barreworks
Wednesday – Either a run with the Queen West Run Club (weather pending) or Lean Machine at Flirty Girl Fitness
Thursday – NTC
Friday – Rest day
Saturday – Barreworks Mixed Level with Paulina. On Saturday afternoon, Barreworks is hosting an Open House at their Queen West location where there will be free classes and treats! You can sign up online at barreworks.ca.
Sunday – Yoga


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